Let Us Design Your New Property

Home design services in Geneva & Owatonna, MN

Are you finally ready to build the home of your dreams? Are you a building contractor looking for someone to map out the blueprint for your next project? Geneva Lumber is here to help. Tait Ingvaldson has experience in the construction industry and the knowledge to help design and create blueprints for any project.

What to expect

What to expect

When you partner with Geneva Lumber to design your home, you can always count on personalized service. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients' ideas and do our best to translate those ideas into blueprints for a building contractor to use during construction.

Here's our process:

Step 1: After the initial call, we will schedule a time for you to sit down with our owner. The purpose of this meeting is to get a rough idea of your needs and ideas.

Step 2: Following the meeting, Josh will put together all of the information into a drafting program to ensure that everything works.

Step 3: Josh will schedule another meeting for you to review the rough draft. This time will be used to look through designs and make adjustments, if necessary.

Step 4: After deciding on a design, the next step will be estimating the amount of materials that will be needed, and their cost.

Step 5: If you need a contractor, we will offer advice on the best contractors to work with.

Step 6: When the project is a go, we will take care of all permitting and then work with the contractor and client to deliver products in a timely manner.

If you have questions about using our design services and how they can benefit you, or if you're ready to get started, contact Geneva Lumber today!